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Getting Started

We know there is a ton of content here to navigate. In this short blog we'll cover a description of every downloadable resource available in your All-Access Pass from Worship Together Kids. We've already done the hard work of making everything you'll need to lead your kids to worship, now all it needs is you. 

Take a look and see the breakdown below.

Worship Together Kids All-Access

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What Comes In My Free Trial?

  • A Countdown Video (to start your service off with excitement and on time)
  • 2 Worship Backgrounds (to make sure your worship lyrics look great on screen)
  • 2 Motion Videos (to make sure you channel all the energy towards Heaven)
  • 2 Lyric Videos (to make sure your kids can learn the message of the music)
  • Chord Charts for all the songs (so you and your team can sing these songs live)
  • A Sermon Bumper (to help you transition into your teaching time)
  • 2 Weekly Devotionals (to help you connect the songs to the scriptures)
  • 2 Coloring Pages (to help kids think creatively about the kingdom)
  • Social Media Graphics Bundle (to go tell it on the mountain!)
  • BONUS BLESSING – Bible Memory Video (because we wanted to bless you with MORE than you expected)
  • DOUBLE PORTION – 2 Full Mix Audio tracks of the songs (so you can enjoy listening to them or add them to your pre-service playlist)

Essentially, it's everything you need to lead your kids to worship for two whole weeks (plus two songs). Keep reading for a step-by-step breakdown of all of our amazing content types and some great tips on how to use it in your Kids Ministry.

Kids Songs:

Audio & Video Mixes: Download Full Mix versions of every song to enjoy on a personal playlist, use during a worship service, or put directly into your Planning Center account to help your worship team learn the songs. Download to use during worship and customize your audio needs.

  • Full Mixes: A stereo audio file (mp3/WAV) of a studio quality recording of the song, including vocals.
  • Performance Mixes: A stereo audio file (mp3/WAV) of a studio quality recording of the song, with no vocals (think karaoke track).
  • Click Mixes: A stereo audio file (mp3/WAV) of a studio quality recording of the song, with click and vocal cues hard-panned to the left and the Performance Mix hard-panned to the right. Use this when leading the songs live with a worship team. Send the left channel to front-of-house and both left and right channels to your bands in-ear monitors, keeping them in time with each other and the lyric video.
  • Split Mixes: A stereo audio file (mp3/WAV) of a studio quality recording of the song, with Performance Mix hard-panned to the left and the solo vocals hard-panned to the right. Use this when practicing or leading the songs live with a worship team. Send both the left and right channels to your front-of-house and to your band's in-ear or floor monitors as separate channels. Increase or decrease the volume of either side to allow you to hear more of whichever audio you need during the rehearsals or live during your worship time.

Lyric Videos: Use these interactive lyric videos to lead your kids in worship. Play as you sing along, creating a visually engaging and focused time of worship.


Kids (and adults) will sing out more if they can hear a little bit of the vocals from Split Mixes in the speakers, giving them the confidence to sing more openly.

Kids Series:

Title Graphics: Use these pesentation templates as a creative way to communicate the important information or provie as a visual backdrop during your Kids Ministry.

Worship Backgrounds: Create a visual environment that enhances your Kids Ministry using visually rich backgrounds for lyrics and atmosphere.

Sermon Bumpers: Use this short video as a creative transition into teaching time or during your worship service.

Countdown Videos: Herd your cats Remind your kids that worship is about to begin by displaying these fun and enrgetic countdown timers on-screen.

Bible Memorization Videos: Sometimes called "Lyric Media," this content challenges your kids with fun, fresh Bible memorization songs, including word-by-word Bible verses and refrences to enhance retention.

Social Graphics: Download ready-to-use images of art, bible verses, and song lyrics to engage and encourage your online audience across social media platforms.

Print-Ready Graphics: Download high-resolution artwork, ready to customize in Photoshop and print at your local shop or online vendor. Order print-on-demand banners or print files for banners, bulletins, cards, and more!

Coloring Pages: Let your kids show off their artistic side with printable coloring pages, featuring relatable Bible verses or song lyric content.

Devotional Teaching Guides: Elevate your Kids Worship to the next level with a short devotional to use as a teaching time. PLUS, print a one-sheet to send home with each family that includes that week's lesson, Bible verse memorization, family connection activity, missional challenge, and activity for the week. Keep discipleship going on in the home!


Sending resources home with parents empowers them to develop a culture of faith at home.

That's it!

So there you have it... we tried to simplify everything we have and de-mystify some of the jargon we've got surrounding all these amazing resources. These resources truly give you everything you need to put together an amazing Kids Worship time every week and allows you complete control to customize this experience.

If you have any questions about this - send us an email at hello@worshiptogetherkidsallaccess.com and we'd be happy to help!

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