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John Roberts

Head of Worship Together Kids Content Development

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Getting Started

We believe Worship Together Kids is useful for every age group in your Kids Ministry. But in order to get the most out of our content, we've put together a brief guide to help you impliment for every age group in your Kids Ministry. 

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Birth to 2 years:

For babies and toddlers, we suggest you focus on using our Full Mix audio tracks of our songs. Play the songs in the background to begin introducing the Biblical truth in these songs to your kids. There are many songs we offer that are more ballad-like, that would be wonderful, calm background music for your little ones.

Preschool (3-5 years):

For preschoolers, we suggest you introduce audio like we mentioned for the younger ones, but you can begin incorporating some video content and curriculum. The Hand Motion videos, found in each Kids Songs collection, will help your kids learn as they see other kids just like them worshipping God. Use these engaging videos to introduce amazing worship songs on a level they can best understand.

We also suggest using our Bible Memory Songs found in the "Lyric Media" section of our Kids Series. Here you can download songs that are fun, engaging, and will allow kids to hear scripture word-for-word from the ESV translation, including the Bible verse reference. There is no better time than their early years to start allowing them to hear the Word of God.

In addition, download our series Coloring Pages, found in the "Print-Ready" section of every Kids Series. Every Coloring Page focuses on a Bible verse they can work on memorizing. Also, every Coloring Page is connected to one of our 4-Week Devotionals, also found in the "Print-Ready" section. Download these one-sheet devotionals and use them as Teaching Guides for your groups. The devotionals are conversationally written, so anyone can read them to a group. We also include memory verses, game ideas, and fun things kids an do at home with their families throughout the week.

Early Elementary (K - 2nd Grade):

Elementary Age is where you can begin to see the full effect of everything Worship Together Kids has to offer. Use the "Print-Ready" banners and posters to let the church know what your Kids Ministry is up to. Download "Lyric Videos" and "Hand Motion Videos" of 1 - 3 songs to use in a time of worship each week. Incorporate "Lyric Media" Bible Memory songs, "Print-Ready" 4-Week Devotionals and Coloring Pages to create a full time of worship, learning, games, and crafts. Use our Kids Series "Countdown" and "Sermon Bumper" videos to set up your worship and teaching time. Customize each piece in a way that works best for your kids ministry!


Print off the devotional sheets and give them to ewach child to take home. It will lead to conversations in the home about the Bible story, memory verse, and activities.

Older Elementary:

Older Elementary works very similarly to Younger Elementary excpt you can do more songs (3 - 4) each week and begin incorporating social media engagement into your weekly ministry outreach. Our Kids Series "Social Graphics" allow you to post series-related Bible content and song lyrics as a way to engage with kids and their families throughout the week. Maybe this is a fun time to start a Kids Ministry social media strategy! Any way you can meet kids and families where they are and point them to the gospel is a win!

Pre-Youth (6th Grade):

6th grade will produce your leaders. In addition to utilizing all we mentioned above, be willing to go deeper with them in Bible study. We've given you the basic tools to help kids learn important themes and stories throughout scripture, but now is the time to dig deeper, using larger passages of scripture and engage in further discussion. Start with the verses we point you to in the 4-Week Devotional and build from there.


This age group is perfect for leading the younger kids too. If you have some older kids that are great at hand motions, singing, or leading, enlist them to help lead kids worship or give them other ways to pour into the kids who are younger than them!

Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in ministry. We're praying for you and can't wait to hear how Worship Together Kids is making an impact in your church! These resources give you everything you need to pull off an amazing Kids Worship time every week and allows you complete control to customize the experience.

If you have any questions or comments about this - send us an email at hello@worshiptogetherkidsallaccess.com and we'd be happy to help!

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